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bigger house, food, and education for their children. Through the efforts of Legacy Ladies, Inc., they nominated the Harris family an ABC’s Extreme Makeover – Home Edition. On February 6, 2005, the family moved into their new home. Despite the advantage of a new home, the family still struggles to make ends meet on Christopher’s salary of $30,000 “gross” a year, as a teacher. For additional information on the Harris family, please refer to

When Diamond Harris gave birth to sextuplets, their household grew from three to nine people living in a 2100 square foot house. DeWayne always wanted a sister or brother, but recently expressed to his mother, “but not this many!” The babies are America’s first recorded set of surviving African-American sextuplets. Christopher Harris is an elementary school teacher and his wife, Diamond, is a licensed practical nurse who currently is attending nursing school full time. The family has depleted their trust fund, which was given to them at the birth of the babies, and since then they have had to use those funds to meet their daily needs. When Hurricane Ivan hit Birmingham, a tree fell on the house leaving a big hole in the roof above the playroom for the children. As a result of the water damage, the whole family had to live in the basement. Diamond and Christopher have asked for only three things: a

Southern Hospitality


The red carpet was rolled out for the Legacy Ladies when they arrived in Birmingham. They experienced the true meaning of “southern hospitality” as they were introduced to new friends such as Chef Clayton, Emily Stoddard, and the Gee’s Bend quiltmakers, to name of few of the many friends they made. But, it did not stop there. “Southern hospitaly” also means good food and they took advantage of the wonderful dining experience unique to the south. When the trip was over, they felt that they had touched lives and had an extended family in Birmingham. Their last words as they departed were, we’ll be back! Browse our gallery below.

Ladies Making History


The Ladies made history as they met with elected officials, held press conferences, and created awareness about the need of the Harris family.

Extreme Renovating and Homecoming


The Home Makeover team worked tirelessly to complete the Harris family’s house on schedule as they left for a well deserved vacation to Disney World. There were a few challenges due to the weather but they adjusted very quickly to produce a product that would last forever. The Legacy Ladies also rolled up their sleeves to give them a hand with putting the final touches on the interior, from making beds, moving furniture, and doing what was required by the Home Makeover team.


As the Harris family arrived to their new home, thousands of well wishers began to chant. Move that bus! Move that bus! Excitement filled the air, as Ty Pennington, Michael,and staff introduce the Harris family to their new home. Christopher is stunned and Diamond’s reaction was priceless, as she gave praise to God. The sextuplets did not know what to make of all the “fuss”; but they knew it was a “special” day in their lives, and a moment in time not to be forgotten. Browse our photos below!

Happy 3rd Birthday


Ladies Patricia and Jacqueline celebrated the Harris sextuplets birthday in Birmingham, AL, compliments of Southwest Airlines. During the festivities, the family was presented with three checks, one from Nike, Global Corporation, and Legacy Ladies, Inc. Family, media, and friends from throughout the south came for the celebration as the sextuplets celebrated their third birthday. It was enjoyed by all, right down to the last crumb!