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Can you imagine living in a group housing facility with other families (17 people) in a three bedroom one bath house? Can you imagine needing transportation to avoid transferring to three bus lines to take your children to school and then to get to work before 8 am? Can you imagine having to make a decision to pay for utilities or pay for a family illness?


In celebration of the fifth anniversary of Legacy Ladies, Inc., the organization identified 5 families as the “2009 Adopt-A-Family.” The common denominator among the families is their faith in God. Their average disposable income is about $600 a month. The Ladies assisted with their immediate needs due to dire economic situations, and were asked to identify three things on their “wish list.” The families were faced with housing, transportation, educational and financial challenges and the organization transformed their lives. As a result, change did come. Each family was given fnancial support to meet their immediate critical needs, all past due bills were paid, two months rental payment, gas cards and additional items were presented to support their individual needs. Each of these special families continue to face ongoing challenges and additional financial support would be greatly appreciated. Your donation can be made through pay pal or sent to Legacy Ladies, Inc. The organization partnered with The Union Rescue Mission, Hope Gardens, Crystal Stairs and the Los Angeles Speech and Language Therapy Center, Inc.

Ina Duckett


Ina Duckett, is a disabled single grandmother, who is the primary caregiver of her two grandchildren., one with drug related health issues. Her request was for clothing for her grandchildren, and the opportunity for all of her family to see her brother in Alabama whose health was failing. Change did come…her wishes were granted. Through the generosity of Southwest Airlines, Ina and three other family members took a trip to Alabama for a week and they were able to see her brother and other family members.


Kenneth and Ingrid Hunter


Ken and Ingrid are proud parents of two children. They both are full time students at Cal State Fullerton. Ingrid is majoring in hospitality and is the primary caregiver for Ken, whose major is kinesiology with emphasis on teaching physical education. Ken is a quadriplegic as a result of a “freak accident.” Prior to his accident, he had aspirations to be a professional basketball player. He still has the same determination, but now to share his talent as a basketball coach. He presently volunteers as a basketball coach at Trade Tech and mentors 5 days a week. When asked, “what is on your wish list?” Ken was at a total lost for words. He said he is most happy doing for others. But, change did come. Ken was awarded a power wheelchair, a mobility van and a Cal State Fullerton graduation package.


Cassandra Reed


Cassandra is the sole bread winner of her family of two children. Her goal is to bring her family under one roof and to get a job and earn enough money to take care of their basic needs. Her challenge was to meet a 5:30 a.m. start time for work, when public transportation was not available until later. Change did come. Cassandra received a vehicle to start her new life.


Renee Scott


Renee’s warm smile is as bright and welcoming as her personality. As a single parent of three, she continues to make her family her priority as she continues to battle stage 4 cancer. Her wish is to have a family vacation to Las Vegas and be self sufficient. Change has come. The Ladies are providing Reneee and four family members a trip to Las Vegas, including transportation.


UPDATE: Rene Scott passed away on November 18, 2009. She is survived by her three young children.  If you would like to make a donation to the family, please mail your check to Legacy Ladies, Inc., 26500 W. Agoura Rd., 102-718, Calabasas, CA, 91302.  Please make check .


payable to Legacy Ladies, Inc. for distribution to the children

LaKeysha Smith


LaKeysha has been a model single parent with three outstanding children. Her life has not been without its challenges, but she is determined that her children will have a better quality of life. Her strong will has resulted in her children excelling in school and the oldest entering USC this year. When asked what is on her “wish list,” she replied by saying that housing was her priority for her children. Well, change did come. Her daughter received a new laptop computer donated by Bernard and Shirley Kinsey, in addition to housing opportunities and two months paid rent.

UPDATE: Legacy Ladies provided LaKeysha with transportation to meet her ongoing needs.