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Hyacinth Caprice Noel, Noel Grigsby, Danielle LaTrice Johnson, Joseph Smith, Alisha Lyn Johnson

Student Profile


Hyacinth Caprice Noel

Crenshaw High School

3.69 GPA

Career Ambition: Psychologist specializing in helping foster children

Quote: “My heart desires to motivate, communicate, reach out, lead, mentor, inspire, and befriend those who feel life is cruel, believe there’s no need to go on in this world, those who feel the way I did, but refuse to give up and instead persevere.”


Noel Grigsby

Crenshaw High School

3.83 GPA

Career Ambition: Civil Engineer

Quote: “As I have matured in life I have come to the realization that if an exchange is going to be made in my community, then it must be made by the youth of today.”


Danielle LaTrice Johnson

View Park Preparatory High School

3.76 GPA

Career ambition: Clinical psychologist focusing on helping children with mental illnesses live productive live.

Quote: “I learned that only I can allow people to make me feel bad or “less than” and since then (eight grade) I never looked back.”


Joseph Smith

Crenshaw High School

3.8 GPA

Career ambition: Biological scientist (focused on entomology and herpetology)

Quote: “It is said that being happy is getting paid for doing what you love to do. Becoming a scientist is my first class ticket to happiness.”


Alisha Lyn Johnson

View Park Preparatory High School

4.01 GPA

Career ambition: Veterinarian

Quote: “Normal has never quite described the world I come from. I am very passionate about my career path and I wish to make changes that will not only effect me as human being but every living being that leaves something special in the place called the world.”