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The Brown Family


Imagine living under the burden of overdue bills…foreclosure notices….ever growing debt…having cars, but being unable to drive them because you can’t pay registration or smog fees, and more foreclosures notices!  What would you do? You have asthma… you’re a diabetic…you have high blood pressure, and you also have a rare incurable blood disorder called MPD (Myeloproliferative Disorder) where your bone marrow just doesn’t create enough healthy blood cells… you start to think…why me?

Despite the  challenges of bad luck and burdened by stress, the

Brown family (Tamura Brown, Princess Jasmine Charles, and Marvin King) is an exceptional family. Imagine going through all of that but still holding it all together with love, faith and hope.  The Brown family is an exemplary, gifted family that is in need of a helping hand, and this year they got one. To use Princess’s own words “We are like birds with their broken wings.  You’re giving us a chance to mend our broken wings and fly.”  And the Legacy Ladies responded by saying, “Fly high Brown birds, fly high, our legacy is your success.” Out of respect for the privacy of the family, the history is abbreviated.

When John received his medical discharge, the transition to civilian life was difficult (which his marriage was a casualty of) and he found himself depressed and homeless for 6 months.  After reaching his lowest point, John returned home to his mother where he reconnected with his daughter Leticia.