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June 2021 Legacy Newsletter

Message From The President

Dear Valued Supporters,

We hope you and yours are well and safe!

As we continue to move forward, this pandemic has given us an opportunity to assess life through a new set of lenses. Those things we hold dear to our heart remains and those that were at a distance have become closer, due to the need to connect emotionally. As a result, in order to fill the emotional back accounts of our Torchettes, we provided weekly workshops online in order to stay connected. As an organization, we are committed to our Torchettes to be their safety net through these unsettling times. As the school year comes to a close, they have learned a lot about themselves, such as: how to study productively, organizational and time management skills that need to be implemented, and learning how to balance school, work, and home life. Their major concern continues to be focused on the lack of finances to enter college, as a senior or undergraduate. Therefore, we will continue to have our Torch Awards to raise money for our scholarship fund. We will continue to help them navigate these academic potholes, because the school landscape will still include distance learning. And, we will continue to provide resources to enhancement their academic experience. Many of you have asked about our former Torchettes once they have gone off to college, so we will address that question in this newsletter and future newsletters called, “Where Are They Now?” The first Torchettes we will highlight are the Carter sisters who will share their academic journey.

Warm Regards,

Chief Executive Officer and President


Message from the Carter Sisters

Hi, we are Traci, Toni and Toi, and just half of the six children that make up the Carter Clan. We are from Los Angeles California. Our parents Hadrian and Traci Carter are both teachers, so education is high on our family’s list of priorities. The three of us lead very busy lives, but always take time to support one another. Traci the oldest is about to graduate. Toni, second in line is a track star and participates on the flag team. Toi is our drama queen and dance phenomenon. We attend Mississippi Valley State University where we are acquiring the skills needed to take the world by storm. But we all recognize that we were afforded many of our opportunities from participating in church events and community service programs like Lady Jackie’s Legacy Ladies leadership academy.

Hi I’m Traci, I am 22 years old and am preparing to graduate. My major is Science Education with a minor in Biology. I have spent the past four years participating in band, choir and tennis all while maintaining a 3.0 grade point average. I also have a job working with FedEx, and plan on continuing employment with them after I graduate. The highlight of my time here at Valley was joining Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. Since becoming a member I have participated in numerous fundraisers and community service efforts. I am already looking for graduate programs to enroll in, once I acquire my Bachelor’s Degree. One of the many things I learned from Lady Jackie is that an accomplished woman is always looking forward to her next great achievement. So, while I am graduating, this is not the end of my education, I have only just begun.

Hello, my name is Toni Carter, I am 20 years old and I recently transferred to Mississippi Valley State University. Though I enjoyed my time at Southern University, I transferred to be closer to my sisters. There is nothing that compares to family support. I am a Physical Education major and I plan to obtain a Bachelor of Science degree. My career goal is to work in the field of teaching as a Physical Education Instructor. Health and education are important to me because I have excelled in the sport of track and field. I recognize the importance of physical health and want to promote health and wellness to our next generation of youth. As a well-rounded individual my busy life includes hobbies such as running, dancing, cooking, and styling. My time with Lady Jackie was well spent because I learned how important it is to be a respectable young woman in my community, church and University, but these things must be done with style and flare. So, rest assured that everywhere I go, and all things that I do, I use the finishing techniques required of me by Legacy Ladies.

Last, but most certainly not least, is me, Toi. I am 19 years old and currently, a sophomore. I am majoring in Biology and aspire to obtain a Bachelor of Science Degree. In the future, I plan to pursue a career in nursing. Becoming a nurse will allow me to serve my community. Some of my hobbies include dancing, acting, modeling and volunteering to work with inner city youth. I also have aspirations of working in the entertainment field as an actress and dancer. I have recently worked with Disney on a Fox Production TV show and I am constantly auditioning for parts dancing, acting and modeling. No matter which career field I land in, my future is bright, and I, along with my sisters owe a debt of gratitude to Lady Jackie for the time, energy and concern, she and her organization invested in the three of us. We as lifelong members of Legacy Ladies, can never say thank you enough, for teaching us to be confident adults who truly believe in our abilities. It is with pride we take this opportunity as the ambitious young women you’ve cultivated to salute Lady Jackie for a job well done!


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Torch Awards on the Greens

On August 30, 2021, we will have our inaugural charity golf tournament, “Torch Awards on The Greens.” If you are a non-golfer, please join us at the V.I.P. reception and awards banquet following the golf tournament. For additional information, please go to our website,


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